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1# Hardwood and Plank Floor Cleaning

We provide professional Hardwood and plank floor Wax removal, Cleaning, Screen and recoat with polyurethane and Polishing.  Call now at (301) 266-6010 for a free quote.

When you sweep or mop your hardwood floors you aren't removing all dirt and grime that attaches to the surface.  Old wax and polish on hardwood floors have to be removed by professional with the proper equipment and stripping solution that's not sold over the counter.  Our specialist use a Karcher floor scrubbing machine to remove old wax and polish on your hardwood floors.  The Karcher machine can be used for cleaning as well or we can use our 175 buffing machine. 

If you have old, peeling, discoloration and fading wax or polish give us a call.  We will strip that old stuff off and bring your hardwood floors back to it's original state.  You have dry soil, dirt and grime on that wood that need cleaning?  We can also bring hardwood floors back to life with screen and recoating with polyurethane.

We provide the following services for Hardwood, Engineered, Laminate and Vinyl floors:

  • Wax and polish removal
  • Cleaning
  • Screen and recoating with polyurethane
  • Polishing
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Hardwood floor, cleaning, Facebook, 5 star, review

Hardwood Floor Screen and Recoating with Polyurethane

What will over the counter polishes and waxes do to your floors over time?

Over the counter polishes and waxes aren't good for your hardwood or plank floors.  You will notice over time that the wax or polish will start to peel, fade and become discolored.  Some customers believe they can fix this by applying more wax or polish on-top of the old polish. In the two pictures below we removed layers of polish in the family room of a single family home. The floors may appear dull after wax removal and cleaning.  Applying polyurethane, urethane or a professional polish will rejuvenate your floors and bring back that shine.

Hardwood floor screen and recoat with polyurethane

The best solution for your hardwood floors is for our technicians to apply polyurethane onto your floors. Polyurethane provides protection to your floors and customers can choose between the following four different sheens: matte, satin, semi-gloss and high gloss. The great benefit of polyurethane is that it can last 7 to 10 years.  Customers are responsible for hiring a moving company to remove furniture off their floors if they want the entire hardwood area refinished.  

Hardwood floor screen and recoating process:

  • If there is old wax on the floors it need to be removed
  • Floors are vacuum to remove dry soil and debris
  • 175 buffing machine is used to screen the floors to allow the polyurethane to bond to the floor
  • Floors are vacuum and cleaned
  • Polyurethane is applied to the floor and a t-bar is used to evenly distribute the polyurethane onto the floors
  • Floors are allowed to dry 1 to 1.5 hours before applying a second coat

Hardwood floors may need to be sanded, stained and refinished with polyurethane if the following applies:

  • Many deep scratches in the floors
  • Water damage
  • Faded wood floor stain throughout the floor
  • Sun damage that has bleached, faded or darken the wood floor

Screen and Recoat with polyurethane 

Hardwood floor, screen and recoat, polyurethane, service

Hardwood Floor Old Wax and Polish Removal

We receive many calls from customers requesting hardwood floor cleaning.  Many times our specialist arrive to the home and notice old wax or polish on the floors.  Old polish and wax need to be removed from the floors with a stripper before cleaning.  A cleaning neutralize will not remove old polish or wax on hardwood floors.

Hardwood floor wax removal process:

  • Floors are vacuum to remove dry soil and debris
  • A stripper is applied to the floors to loosing up the wax or polish
  • Floor scrubber used to break up the wax or polish and extracted into the machine for removal
  • Hardwood floor cleaner is used to clean the floors

Removing layers of wax 

hardwood floor, wax, polish, removal, service
hardwood floor, wax, polish, removal, service

Watch this amazing wax removal job

Hardwood and Plank Floor Cleaning

We recommend hardwood floor cleaning to remove dry soil, dirt, grime, and drywall after construction.  Not only is it important to have your carpets cleaned before putting your home on the market, but also to bring out the beauty of your hardwood floors with cleaning.  We use a cleaning neutralizer is used to remove dirt and grime on hardwood floors. The neutralizer doesn't remove old wax or polish.

Hardwood floor cleaning process:

  • Remove furniture and items off the floor
  • Floors are vacuum to remove dry soil and debris
  • A cleaning neutralizer is added to our Karcher floor scrubber for cleaning
  • Floors are rinsed and dry 10 minutes or less

Hardwood Floor Polishing

Some customers may choose to have a professional polish applied to their floors instead of polyurethane.  If you have prefinished hardwood floors we can apply urethane to rejuvenate your floors and bring them back to life. We also can apply polish to laminate floors as well.

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