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Carpet Cleaning Made Simple L.L.C  provides professional high quality Carpet, Area Rug, Upholstery, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Grout Sealing and Recoloring and Hardwood floor cleaning service.  Call (301) 266-6010 for great affordable prices.  We are a top rated cleaning company near you with professional technicians who take pride in cleaning your carpet, furniture and floors to give it that new look again. We have a great reputation with new and repeat customers, which earned us a 5 Star Rating on Google, Yelp and Facebook. We are also a Nextdoor neighborhood favorite near you.

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  • Residential cleaning
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Post Construction cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Made Simple L.L.C

Residential and Commercial



Since 2000, Carpet Cleaning Made Simple L.L.C has been the top professional carpet experts that people trust to deliver the best carpet cleaning service near you. What is great about our service is that carpet cleaning removes on average 94% of common household allergens. The removal of allergens in your carpet can be beneficial to customers who have problems with allergies. Customers have the option of choosing green cleaning products, which means it's safe for you, children, pets and the environment. We we leave your home after carpet cleaning your home will be fresher, cleaner and healthier.

Our carpet cleaning service uses a variety of carpet cleaning methods to clean your carpets. If your home is going on the market for sale, rental move out or just want the carpets cleaned before a move in, just give us a call. We also provide post-construction carpet cleaning after renovations to a home or commercial location. It's recommended that our customers have their carpets cleaned every 6 months with pets, or just once a month without pets.  

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Carpet Cleaning:
  • Carpet cleaning to eliminate dry soil, dust mites, pet hair, urine, feces, dead skin cells, dust, bacteria, mold and other harmful compounds trapped in your carpet. 
  • Remove most spots and stains such as; wax, nail polish, magic marker, ink, gum, etc ...
  • Carpet deodorizer to mask urine, organic decay, feces, mold and mildew odors.
  • Carpet protection to help repel water and resist soiling.
  • Several carpet cleaning methods: Steam cleaning, low moisture encapsulation, shampooing, bonnet cleaning or dry cleaning

Pet Stain and Odor Removal:

  • Our normal carpet cleaning process with a pre conditioner doesn't treat pet stains.
  • We treat urine, feces and vomit with enzymes and oxidizers for removal.
  • Some pet stains maybe permanent depending on a number of factors.

Commercial, carpet, cleaning, service

  • Commercial carpet cleaning services to provide a clean and healthy environment for employees and visitors in the work place. 
  • Recurring contract carpet cleaning to maintain carpet appearance throughout the year.
  • Post-construction carpet cleaning
  • MBE, DBE, SBE and 8(a) Certified

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Area rug, cleaning, service, wool, oriental, synthetic, shampoo

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  • Professional area rug cleaning of wool, oriental, hand made, and synthetic area rugs.
  • Area rug steam cleaning and shampooing.
  • Low moisture encapsulation cleaning for fast dry times under 1 hour.

Area Rug Pit Shampooing:
  • We recommend heavily soiled or urine soaked area rugs to be cleaned at our shop. 
  • Rugs placed in our pit for decontamination cleaning.
  • Rugs soaked in our water pit to break up soil, scrubbed in shampoo, rinsed and dried.

Our upholstery and furniture cleaning process can eliminate most tough stains, hair, body oil, soil, pet urine, odor, pet dander and allergens trapped in your upholstery. We use different types of cleaning methods depending on the type of fabric to prevent damage. Our company also offer fabric protection, deodorizing, stain removal, green cleaning, mold and mildew removal. Upholstery cleaning is recommended at business establishments where large amounts of people are frequently using the same furniture for meetings or special events. Many chairs are fabric material which trap dirt, hair, body oil and odors from many people. 

upholstery, furniture, cleaning, service

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upholstery, furniture, cleaning, service

  • Upholstery and furniture cleaning to remove body oils, hair, dry soil, dust, and bacteria
  • Mattress, headboard and footboard cleaning
  • Urine, feces, and odors removal
  • Removal of most spots and stains such as; nail polish, ink, magic market, gum, wax, ect..
  • Upholstery deodorizer to mask urine, organic decay, feces, mold and mildew odors.
  • Upholstery protection to repel water and resist soiling.

Pet stain and odor removal:

  • Our normal upholstery cleaning process with a pre conditioner doesn't removal pet urine or feces.
  • We treat urine, feces and vomit with enzymes or oxidizers for removal.

We provide Tile and Grout Cleaning, Grout Recoloring and Sealing. Over time dirt, soil, grease, bacteria, and mildew buildup can be trapped into the grout lines of ceramic or stone tile in kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and even outdoors. In the bathroom and kitchen germs can grow quickly, so it's important to do everything you can to cut down on the spread of bacteria. Our tile and grout cleaning service will deliver that deep tile and grout cleaning that your floors or walls really need.

Cleaning your tile and grout alone maybe difficult, because you don't have the proper equipment or cleaning solutions. Using a mop to clean your tile will not clean your grout lines that maybe permanently stained or trapped with grease. Our tile and grout cleaning service consistent of cleaning grout lines with a plastic or stainless steel brush, using a buffer to scrub and clean the tile and rinsing with hot water extraction. The tile will dry less than an hour after rinsing. There will be no residue left behind.

Tile, Grout, Floor, Cleaning

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  • Tile and Grout Cleaning to remove dirt and grime on floors and walls.
  • Concrete floor cleaning.
  • Marble floor cleaning.
  • Post-construction cleaning of tile, grout and vct flooring stripping and waxing.
tile, grout, cleaning, grout recoloring, service, sealing

  • Grout line recoloring to bring back the original color of your grout lines.
  • Change grout line color to a different color of your choosing.
  • Grout line sealing to resist stains and spills.

When you sweep or mop your hardwood floors you aren't removing all dirt and grime that attaches to the surface. Old wax and polish on hardwood floors have to be removed by professional with the proper equipment and stripping solution that's not sold over the counter. Our specialist use a Karcher floor scrubbing machine to remove old wax and polish on your hardwood floors. The Karcher machine can be used for cleaning as well or we can use our 175 buffing machine.

If you have old, peeling, discoloration and fading wax or polish give us a call. We will strip that old stuff off and bring your hardwood floors back to it's original state. You have dry soil, dirt and grime on that wood that need cleaning? We can also bring hardwood floors back to life with screen and recoating with polyurethane.

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  • Hardwood floor wax and polish removal.
  • Hardwood, engineered and laminate floor cleaning to remove dirt and grime.
  • Screen and recoating with polyurethane on hardwood floors. 


Hardwood floor, screen and recoat, polyurethane, service

Many customers have over the counter acrylic wax on their hardwood floor such as; mop and gloss. Over time these waxes will start to fade, peel and look foggy on your floors.  Polyurethane provide protection for your hardwood floors up to 7 to 10 years that come in different sheens.


Hardwood floor, wax, removal, polish, service

We get many calls for hardwood floor cleaning. 90% of the time the customer has old, faded and peeling wax on their floors. Old wax have to be removed before cleaning.

Hardwood Floor Stain Color Correction

Hardwood, floor, wood stain, color, correction, no sanding
Hardwood, floor, stain, color correction, no sanding

You want to save money by not having your floor sanded?  Call us to provide hardwood floor stain color correction.  We will try our best to find a wood stain to match your hardwood floors to fill in the missing stain.  NO SANDING NEED!


Eco friendly products, safe, green cleaning
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  • Customers can request eco friendly green cleaning for carpet and upholstery cleaning service
  • Fast carpet and upholstery dry times.  Guaranteed dry times under 1 hour with encapsulation cleaning
  • Free residential and commercial estimates

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